Mark Devenport

BBC Northern Ireland’s Political Editor

Mark Devenport is BBC Northern Ireland’s Political Editor, providing analysis of issues like the continuing efforts to restore devolution and the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland politics. Mark has reported for the BBC since the 1980s, covering all the twists and turns of the Northern Ireland peace process as the corporation’s Ireland Correspondent at the time of the Good Friday Agreement. He has questioned world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan and Tony Blair. Mark also worked as the BBC’s United Nations Correspondent based in New York and has reported from areas as diverse as South Africa, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Colombia and Israel/Palestine. He is the author of two books “Man of War, Man of Peace”, a biography of Gerry Adams (together with co-author David Sharrock) and “Flash Frames”, an anecdotal account of working as a TV and Radio reporter in Belfast.

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