Keith Lippert

Vice President and Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Allstate

Keith Lippert has 30 years of experience in financial services and is currently Vice President and Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Allstate. As Allstate’s first security officer outside the United States, Keith brings an important global lens to cybersecurity issues.  He is responsible for establishing and driving individualized information security strategy and programs for each of the major Allstate business lines. Keith partners with business and technology executives to increase security awareness and strengthen security across the Allstate enterprise and Family of Companies.

Keith has expertise in financial crime prevention, anti-terrorism, sanctions, money-laundering and fraud prevention. He has served as a board member of two national banks in the United States as well as banks in Russia, India, Mexico and Canada.

Prior to Allstate, Keith was the Legal Chief Operating Officer for Barclays Bank in London, and Vice President of International Fraud prevention for American Express.

He studied at Ohio State University and London School of Business. Keith has two daughters, 20 years apart, and a keen interest in all things automotive.

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