Dr. Edward Burke

Director of Centre for Conflict, Security & Terrorism, University of Nottingham

Dr. Edward Burke is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism at the University of Nottingham specialising in the study of insurgency, terrorism and British/EU foreign and defence policy. Prior to joining the University of Nottingham in September 2017 he was a Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the University of Portsmouth attached to the Royal Air Force College.


From 2010 to 2011 Dr Burke was Deputy Head of the International Police Coordination Board in Kabul, Afghanistan; previously he served as a Strategy, Planning, Analysis and Reporting Officer at the EU Police Mission in Afghanistan. He also worked as a Foreign Policy Fellow at FRIDE (Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior) in Madrid and at the Centre for European Reform in London.

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